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 PNM Racist Acts!

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PostSubject: PNM Racist Acts!   Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:09 am

Agriculture = Indians NO HELP!

Maha Saba = Indians NO Radio License

Caroni = Indians SHUTDOWN

HCU = Indians NO HELP!

Harridath Maharaj = = Indian NO Promotion

Ganga Persad Kissoon = Indian NO Promotion

Feroza Ramjohn = Indian NO Promotion

Petrosingh = Too Much Indians

Kamaluddin Mohammed, =  Indian couldn’t be Prime Minister (1981)

Errol Mahabir  =  Indian couldn’t be Prime Minister (1981)

Bulldoze the Recalcitrant Minority. = Indians

Shiva Lingam removed from Prime Minister's residence = Indian

Patrick Manning going Cuba for medical treatment because he doesn't trust them Indian UNC doctors

Hounded CJ Sat Sharma out of office because he was Indian

Patrick Manning told Marlene Coudray he will deal with her for not helping her own kind

Rowley wants special program for Afro-Trinidadian males, ages 17 to 24

Indians going to school in “Cowsheds”

Fitzgerald Hinds wanted to cut every dreadlock off  the little rasta boy kissing the Prime Minister's palm.

Skullarship fund from the culture Indians.

Stop the "CALCUTTA SHIP" No Indian Allowed

ROWLEY insulted and disrespected the Hindu community when he said:

. “It has any place that has pundit like India? If the Prime Minister wants a pundit in India, just grab every third person you meet.”

“I am a citizen of T&T and I take umbrage that my prime minister going to anybody country and kissing any office-holder foot.” “Nobody sent the PM abroad to represent her religion or her race.

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PostSubject: Re: PNM Racist Acts!   Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:28 am

“when there is flooding in Caparo and Caroni them people get HDC houses easy, but La Brea people can’t get nothing” FITZGERALD JEFFERY Friday 10, January 2014.

Let me translate that; when there is flooding in Caparo and Caroni them INDIAN people get HDC houses quick, quick, but them AFRICAN people in La Brea can’t get anything.

I want to tell Fitzy next time he pulling the race card get his FACTS right. I live in the Caparo area and Nobody here gets HDC house for flooding, that's a lie. I also want to refresh his memory of when the building was destroyed by fire in Laventille in 2012 and the flooding in Diego Martin 2011 how quickly those residents got HDC housing.

Furthermore I want to ask Fitzgerald Jeffery to get the media to accompany him and go to Cashew Garden Longdenville and Edinburgh 500 and tell the public who get those HDC houses. I will leave the SKULLarship for another time.
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PostSubject: Re: PNM Racist Acts!   Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:57 pm

UNC Doctors

Friday, February 24, 2006
I know that some have criticized me when I was the Leader of the Opposition for seeking medical attention in Cuba. I just want to put into the record of this Parliament why I did that, because, you see, they would say that as a former Prime Minister and as Leader of the Opposition, I was entitled to medical attention at Mount Hope Hospital, which is the best hospital in Trinidad and Tobago set up for that purpose, and they are quite right if they say that. Caribbean Heart Care is the company contracted by the Mount Hope Medical Sciences Complex to conduct the kind of operation to which I would have been subjected. In my case, it was a valve replacement operation. It was a very technical operation and it involved the installation of two artificial valves inside of my heart; very different from by-pass surgery. By-pass surgery is on the outside of the heart; valve replacement surgery is on the inside. You go into the heart. It is very delicate.

The person who heads Caribbean Heart Care is a known UNC activist. I hasten to point out that I am not impugning the integrity of the honourable gentleman. In fact, I know him to be a gentleman of impeccable integrity. But consider this for one minute. Consider that I went for medical attention in Mount Hope Hospital to do a very delicate operation and something should go wrong, the operation being done by a team of people headed by a known UNC activist in circumstances where we were in Opposition at the time and where the political atmosphere in the country was very charged—consider that. That is what it was. The honourable gentleman involved would not have been able to convince anybody in this country that he did not do it deliberately. I would have been unable to answer it, because I would have been gone. Ask Forbes Burnham. But you consider it. Not only that. If that should happen and the hue and cry that would have emerged from that where, do not care what he said, people would not accept it, I take it you realize in the circumstances existing in this country at that time, it could have led to civil war.
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PostSubject: Re: PNM Racist Acts!   Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:15 pm

GUARDIAN EDITORIAL: Foolish to deny radio licence

Governance of a plural society is admittedly a difficult proposition and there are many examples around the world of that reality: Fiji, Guyana, Montreal and of course T&T. And without wanting to minimise the difficulties, the Government of the day, not unlike previous administrations including the United National Congress, continues to make errors which perhaps betray underlying dispositions.

Given the radio environment of the day in which a range of interest groups have acquired radio licences, why should the Maha Sabha, an authentic and long-standing organisation representative of a solid community and religious base, be denied the right to have a radio and television licence?

It cannot be on the basis that someone did not fill out the required forms correctly. It cannot be that the group should not be trusted with the power of communication to its members and others who would listen—the spectrum being filled with all kinds of persuasions making their overtures. It cannot be that the Government is concerned about the group losing its investment as that is a chance the Maha Sabha itself will have to decide upon. It cannot be that the members of the Cabinet do not like Satnarayan Maharaj.

So if it cannot be these and many other non-essential reasons, then what else is it?

Could it be political spite? Could it be that in refusing the Maha Sabha a licence, the PNM Government is expressing a political fear that the station can be used to mobilise political opinion against it?

We would hate to tag any government for harbouring such petty political dispositions. But, according to the judgment of the Privy Council, the fact that the local Appeal Court was misled into thinking that Government had not yet made a decision on the radio licence when the Maha Sabha appeal came before it seems to be an act of deliberate and wilful premeditation.

In addition to making good on the court’s decision to grant a licence to the Maha Sabha, the Government would do well to tell the country that its agents did not deliberately mislead the Appeal Court of T&T.

The Government’s decision is also destructive to its own political cause as the principal aim of parties anywhere in the world, especially in a political environment as fractured as it is into race and class, is to convert the unconverted into supporting their particular credo. Therefore, it is logical that the PNM Government would want to convert the Indo-Trinidad community aligned to the Maha Sabha into followers.

Granting a licence to such an authentic group without the pressure of the British court makes political sense, and this is apart from the other very justifiable reasons that qualify the Hindu organisation as a very good candidate to operate radio and television frequencies.

The requirement, based on the evidence from this and other jurisdictions, is for a government in office in a society with a multiplicity of cultures, religions and political predispositions to strike a balance in the allocation of state resources and privileges.

Not only is such action just and right, but coming from a government, it sets the pattern for individuals and corporations to act with honesty and integrity.

If at one point in time the Indian community was relegated to the background, having to take what was dished out by colonial and post-colonial society, that state of affairs no longer exists.
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PostSubject: Re: PNM Racist Acts!   

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PNM Racist Acts!
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