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  TTPS Carnival Safety Tips

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PostSubject: TTPS Carnival Safety Tips    Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:26 pm

When attending parties and other activities you are reminded that you should:
Wear minimal jewelry.
Travel in groups to and from activities.
Not carry around or display large amounts of money.
Not have wallets and change purses visible.
Not accept drinks from strangers or leave drinks unattended.
Prearrange transport arrangements and designate an alcohol free driver.

Parents and guardians are reminded that their children should:

All wear identification cards bearing their name, name of parent/guardian, address and telephone number.
Not be left unsupervised at home.
Not be left in the charge of strangers.
Not use public conveniences unless an adult accompanies them.
Not accept food or drink from strangers.
Not be taken to fetes, calypso tents and other adult shows.

When leaving you households you are reminded that you should:

Ensure that you secure your premises.
Secure all ladders and other implements in a locked room.
Not leave keys in mailboxes or under door mats.
Notify the police if you are going to be away for long periods.
Have a friend or relative check the household to remove newspapers, milk and other deliveries.
Teach your children to lock the doors when they enter.
Ensure that the property is illuminated at night.
Be observant when returning home, especially at night.

Holders of licensed firearms are reminded that they should:
Ensure that their firearm is properly secured at home.
Not display firearms in public.
Not draw their firearm unless they are in a life-threatening situation.
Lodge their firearm at a police station before leaving the country.
Remember that their firearm is a lethal weapon and they should not become intoxicated when carrying it.

When driving to fetes and other activities you are reminded that you should:

Ensure that your vehicle is properly secured.
Use paid car parks whenever possible.
Not overcrowd vehicles.
Not drink and drive.
Lock doors when vehicle is in motion.
Notify the police whenever you observe any strange activities around vehicles.
Obey traffic signs re: parking.
Not leave vehicle unattended with keys in the ignition.
Not leave your vehicle unattended with engine running.
Not leave valuable items exposed in your vehicle.
Be cautious of persons loitering near traffic lights.
Have your keys in hand when you approach your vehicle.
Be vigilant at all times when returning home especially at night and if you are travelling alone.

Remember it is an offence to:

Go through a RED LIGHT even at nights.
Travel in open trays of pick up vans and trucks.

Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago are reminded that they should:

Carry some form of identification on their person when attending activities.
Take public transportation with "H" being the first letter on the number plate.
Verify the cost of transportation before boarding hired vehicles.
Avoid dark and lonely areas, ie walking through the Queen's Park Savannah at night.
Not accept lifts from strangers.
Not carry around or display large amounts of cash.
Secure wallets and purses especially in crowded areas.
Find a police officer if they need assistance.

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TTPS Carnival Safety Tips
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