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Growing Your Mafia…………………………...4
Preparing Your Mafia…………………………8
How to Use Godfather Reward Points….9
Getting Going on Jobs……………………….10
Creating Strong Cash Flow………………..16
Winning More Fights………………………..17


There's something exciting and romantic about the lifestyle of major
organized crime, as manifested by the success of mob movies such
as The Godfather. The enticement of easy money, lots of power, and
living on the edge of the law has spawned many successful video

I'm not sure any of them rival the power of Mafia Wars by Zynga in
recent times. The explosion of social networking websites,
specifically Myspace and Facebook has made it possible for many
software companies to make a fortune by creating free, addictive
games that people share with one another on these sites.
If you aren't already playing "Mafia Wars" then you are missing out
on a free way to have a lot of fun and make a lot of friends. It doesn't
cost a dime to play and once you're involved in the game you'll enjoy
it so much you won't ever want to stop.

I personally prefer playing Mafia Wars on Facebook. I will shortly
be creating a new Facebook account for us all to join mafias together
and play the game from the start again.

Growing Your Mafia

Initially, this seems like the hardest part unless you're really
experienced with these kinds of games or 'applications' on social
networking sites. To go out and recruit people into your mafia
quickly and successfully, follow the steps here and your mafia will
be huge in no time.

Method #1) Invite all your existing network friends to play. This
is easy because the application has a built-in feature to do this,
however, it's limited because the application needs to cooperate
with the social network website and not spam.

To overcome the limitations imposed by the built-in feature of the
application, you need to get your recruiting link and go out and
invite your friends individually. This will actually bring MORE of
your friends into your mafia than by using the automated features.
Take a minute and craft your personalized invitation message for
your friends. Tell them that even if they don't want to play, you
benefit by them simply accepting the invitation. You want your
mafia to be huge in numbers so even the people who never use
applications but accept to be in your mafia will speed the game
along for you. Some of the least expected friends can turn into your
strongest mafia bosses so invite everybody.

Send your personalized invitation via the private message feature.
Don't try to send to everybody too fast because you don't want
Myspace or Facebook to kick in its anti-spam defenses. Send a
message every few minutes until you've invited your best friends.
Try to pick the most active members first as they'll be most likely to
accept and play the game with you.

Method #2) Use forums to recruit super players
In Mafia Wars, you need at least six players in your mafia who are
totally addicted to the game and will reach the higher levels. These
are the players you want to put into your 'top mafia' by promoting
them to be your wheelman, your safecracker, etc. When you
promote players who are further along in the game, you get bigger
rewards in jobs and fights.

To find these people, go to the "Apps" directory on Facebook.
In the Search Applications box, enter 'Mafia Wars'. The first and
best one is #1 by Zynga, the one we're talking about in this report.
Go ahead and click it. It will take you to the application's home page.
What's interesting is that there is a discussion board on this page.
It's where you'll see people asking and answering questions about
the game. It's a good place to hang out if you have doubts, but the
best part is that this is where players post to recruit members into
their mafia.

What you do is add all of these people who are posting for more
mafia members to your own mafia. You add them as a friend and I
recommend you include a personal message at the time of
adding saying something like "for mafia wars" or just paste your
recruiting link in there so they know you're not a stalker and want
to play the game with them. There's no limit to how much you can
do this, and it's the fastest way to build a supercharged mafia.

It's important to recruit early in the game because the best way to
get cash flow going (in order to get stronger weapons and vehicles)
is to buy "Mafia Mike's" property. It's cheap and offers awesome
cash flow. You need it in order to get those Tommy Guns necessary
for completing jobs and defending yourself. Recruit like crazy and
your mafia will be gigantic. The limit at the time of this writing is
500, but you can get there quickly by using this forum recruiting
tactic ALONE!!!

Do both adding people from the forum and post your own little ad
for recruiting. You can also post in the 'Review' section but tell
people to add you as a friend to invite to the game since the review
section doesn't allow you to post your recruiting link. The comment
section does though so feel free to post it there at least once a day,
maybe even once every four or five hours even since there are so
many postings there.

Method #3) Use other social sites to recruit existing players.
If you're playing on Myspace, go to Facebook to recruit players into
your Myspace mafia, and if you're playing on Facebook, look for the
players on Myspace to recruit into your Facebook mafia. The app
also runs on Yahoo, so look for players using the Yahoo version.
One thing you can do is create a free blog about your personal
'mafia' experiences. Go to and create a blog
dedicated exclusively to your mafia. Write on it daily at first, and be
sure to include 'keywords' related to mafia wars that will help other
players find your blog. You should customize your blog sidebar to
display your recruiting link prominently.

If you don't know what to blog about, just Google some info about
mafia wars and you'll be able to get ideas.
DIRTY TRICK: Write up a blog post about "Mafia Wars Cheats" and
tell people they'll get a bonus by adding you to their mafia. I've seen
other people doing this and while they aren't winning any real
friends, they sure have big mafias…

I've seen similar methods using video sites like YouTube and
Metacafe as well. These are people who promise players a hidden
bonus if they add such-and-such person to their mafia. It's not very
honest unless you give some of your collection items to these
people, in which case it's completely honest and I encourage you to
make those kinds of promises. Otherwise, just make Mafia Wars
Cheat Secrets or something like that the title of your video to get
views but just refer people to your blog or recruiting link.

You can also use Twitter to recruit on automatic pilot. What you do
is go to and create a free account. You will
also already need an active Twitter account to use this. What you do
is once you've created your account, go to "Manage My Scheduled
Tweets and Twitter Account Automation." Click the box that says
"Auto Welcome" and enter either your blogger blog or your mafia
recruiting link into the message box.

It can only be 120 characters so
consider a URL shortening site like to make the
recruiting URL small enough that you can still add a little blurb of
text inviting. Remind people they have to add you as a friend too!

You can do searches on Twitter so search for mafia wars and start
adding all the people who have anything to say about it. TweetLater
will automatically send your recruiting message to the people that
follow you back. You can do this to hundreds of Twitter users each
day, but don't go overboard because Twitter also has anti-spam
measures built-in to prevent users from abusing the service. Create
multiple Twitter accounts if you want, you only need one
TweetLater account for multiple Twitter accounts though.
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