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PostSubject: EDITORIAL / NEWS AGAINST ROWLEY    Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:32 pm

‘DocTar Rowley’ show ready for Jamaica road

Somewhere in Jamaica, some enterprising promoter must be getting posters ready to promote performances by T&T’s hottest talent today.

The promoter’s TV ads will feature images from that precious video clip shot last Tuesday on the PNM platform in St Joseph.

What the cameras captured was the promisingly bankable image of the T&T Prime Minister as a big-stage entertainer. Only a soca, or a dancehall, soundtrack was missing from the footage that showed Keith Rowley bouncing, bopping, bumping and grinding at the microphone, to a background of cheering.
More than Dillon, Rowley answerable for T&T crime
Prime Minister Keith Rowley last weekend confirmed personal ownership of the crime problem. That was the effect of his unshaken commitment to keep Edmund Dillon as National Security Minister.
Murders had reached 200 for 2016 when Dr Rowley was invited to reckon the record in office of retired major general Dillon. Indeed, the year-to-date murder count had exceeded that of 2015 by some 25 per cent. Understandably, the T&T murder toll has remained the conventional measure of progress in containing crime. Increasing murders, mostly undetected, remain a reflection on the performance of whoever is the minister under which policing falls.

Murders bother still-planless PM
With hardly any chance to unpack a foreign shopping bag of governmental goodies, Prime Minister Keith Rowley landed to face the bloodiest local headlines.

The news told of 11 murders over that weekend. Blood staining the T&T floor was also capable of smearing the national image, Dr Rowley suggested: “Our society is labelling itself as a violent society.”

It’s a theme also troubling Tourism Minister Shamfa Cudjoe. She was just then reported worrying aloud about the damage done to T&T’s desirability as a place to visit, by lurid Facebook crime-scene images.

None of this is new news. Yesterday’s count of 179 murders exceeded the 2015 year-to-date total of 145, but not by much that of 169 in 2014.

The “labelling” and the negative profiling represent damage long done. What, if anything, is new is how the eight month-old PNM administration goes about arresting T&T’s downhill slide to fearsome unlivability and international disrepute.

Conduct unbecoming

Dr Keith Rowley needs to understand that he is the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, and no goading by his opponents or inaccurate stories or comments in the media about him should cause him to descend into conduct unbecoming of the leader of the nation.
Last Sunday, at a meeting of the Tobago arm of the People's National Movement, responding to the lead story in this newspaper about the Office of the Prime Minister “acquiring a new, $2 million Mercedes Benz car”, Dr Rowley told the party faithful that purchase was necessary because the current official car reeked of the stench of “vomit and other fluids” that could not be cleansed.

Why T&T Govt silence on Brussels terrorism?
Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel’s call for “solidarity” against terrorist violence in his country’s capital this week merits serious consideration everywhere.
Mr Michel’s message especially resonates in a Belgium historically divided between mutually antagonistic and suspicious Flemish and Walloon peoples.

Long-standing enmities, given effect in political behaviour, may even have weakened the Belgian state. The result is to make that relatively small, but internationally high-profile, country all the more vulnerable to terrorist infiltration and subversion.

It is in this respect that Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s reaction to the Brussels carnage merits timely attention. For one thing, hers was the first by anyone in any position of prominence in T&T.
Certainly, Ms Persad-Bissessar’s condemnation of the terrorist attack came before any statement from the Rowley administration condemning the incident, beyond routine reporting that no Brussels-based T&T nationals had been hurt.

Mr Jones wins, but T&T loses
IF not Malcolm Jones, then who? This question remains unanswered as citizens swallow hard the reality that State-owned Petrotrin was taken for a $1.2 billion ride by foreign smartmen—and nobody minding the store at Pointe-a-Pierre is to blame.
The foreigners, who suckered the energy jewel in the State enterprise crown, have been curiously described as “white Nigerians”.

Most unsatisfactory
Thursday, March 3 2016
WE ARE disappointed the legal matter relating to Petrotrin’s controversial World Gas to Liquids Ltd (WGTL) project was not ventilated in court. Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi may be of the view that the matter was a “non-starter” and was “bound to fail”, but that is precisely the issue which the court should have been allowed to determine. The court should have been allowed to hear and weigh the evidence and determine if the threshold of conduct was such as to move into the realm of breach of fiduciary duty or negligence.
It is clear the Cabinet and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, in particular, hold confidence in the abilities of Malcolm Jones, the former chairman and a co-defendant in the case. But the State’s decision to discontinue the case does Jones himself a disservice.,224806.html

Rowley misstep shows in National Security

“Not at all” will remain the unforgettable, even if unbelievable, response of Prime Minister Keith Rowley to the question of whether his initial National Security appointment represented a misstep requiring correction as early as five months later.
Dr Rowley is yet directly and specifically to second-guess his appointment of Edmund Dillon. Nor is he yet ready to concede that the former Defence Force major general has shown himself to have less than what it takes to make a credible go of the National Security portfolio.

Over to you, PM Rowley
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley must act swiftly and decisively on allegations of impropriety made against Housing Minister Marlene McDonald and UDeCOTT chairman Noel Garcia.
Documentation thus far produced by Opposition Senator Wayne Sturge seems to show that Mr Garcia's son was the beneficiary of funding for his education from a company that was awarded HDC contracts when Mr Garcia held an office of influence at the agency.
Mr Sturge also accused Minister McDonald of using her influence to have the HDC sell an upscale unit to someone described as her “partner”. He produced documents that purport to show misconduct by Minister McDonald.
Messy outcomes from CB governor’s ouster

In his Tuesday address, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley avoided the controversial questions surrounding the means and ends of the changes wrought in his name at the head of the Central Bank.
He should not however expect that the public, viewing the summary ouster of Central Bank governor Jwala Rambarran and his replacement with Alvin Hilaire, took any implied hint to “move on”.
The injunction to shrug off such an episode, made infamous by Kamla Persad-Bissessar at a troubling juncture early in her prime ministerial term, is certain also to be ignored in Dr Rowley’s turn.

Dr Rowley’s missing pay cheque

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has every right to pursue what he thinks are his legitimate claims for salaries that were denied him during the period when he was suspended from the Parliament.
Not only can his pursuit of such payment, if successful, right a wrong—but it can be a landmark judgment one way or the other if the dispute reaches the courts of the land.
So if the Prime Minister has already taken-up his contention with the relevant authorities that is good news for building on an evolving democracy.
The question, however, is whether haranguing over the payment matter on a public platform in campaigning style, using inflammatory language, even threatening the stability of the state is a fitting modus operandi for Prime Minister Rowley to adopt.
“I have told my lawyer to tell the Parliament I want my money—I don’t like my money to sleep out,” was one of the lines of the Prime Minister.

Dr Rowley’s stalled argument

The statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) to justify the purchase of a new Mercedes-Benz is a perfect example of missing the point.
The OPM earlier this week offered four main arguments to explain the decision: (1) that the present PM1 vehicle is nine years old and out of commission; (2) that it is the staff, not the Prime Minister, which decides on such purchases; (3) that the replacement of the vehicles had already been budgeted for 2015 and 2016; and (4) that safety, comfort and security are among the main factors which inform these choices.
Only one of these arguments is persuasive. First, if a high-end vehicle can become unreliable or even uncomfortable after nine years, it does not deserve the label “high-end”. Second, it seems odd that the staff would make such a decision without even asking the Prime Minister if he’s happy with their choice.

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PostSubject: Re: EDITORIAL / NEWS AGAINST ROWLEY    Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:16 pm

AG: Why I discontinued Malcolm Jones case
Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi says his decision to discontinue the legal proceedings against former Petrotrin chairman Malcolm Jones, was based on legal advice that was also available to former Attorneys-General Anand Ramlogan and Garvin Nicholas.
The AG is questioning why that some information was kept away from the legal team.

PM's Office: Petrotrin board took decision to discontinue Malcolm Jones case

The Office of the Prime Minister says it was the Petrotrin board that made the decision to discontinue the case against former chairman Malcolm Jones and not the Attorney General.
A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister is seeking to correct an report in the Trinidad Express newspaper.

Al Rawi defends decision to discontinue Malcolm Jones' case
Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi is making it clear that there was no political favouritism behind the decision to drop the lawsuit against former executive chairman of Petrotrin Malcolm Jones.
The United National Congress (UNC) and some political analysts have expressed their displeasure at the closure of the case against Jones as they say see it as letting him off the hook as he has been appointed a member of the Govern¬ment Standing Committee on Energy.

AG dismisses criticisms over Jones

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi is dismissing criticisms by some over the State’s decision to discontinue the lawsuit against former executive chairman of Petrotrin Malcolm Jones.
The billion dollar case for negligence over the company’s failed low sulphur diesel plant was brought against Jones under former attorney general Anand Ramlogan.

Prime Minister to bring documents on Malcolm Jones case to Parliament
Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has indicated that all documentation regarding the discontinuance of the Malcolm Jones vs. Petrotrin case will be brought to Parliament, when the Opposition moves a motion of no confidence in the Attorney General.
He made the comment this afternoon, in response to a question from Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar…
Attorney Varun Debideen's letter to AG on Malcolm Jones case leaked to media
One of the attorneys assigned to prosecute former Petrotrin chairman Malcolm Jones, has penned a letter to Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, in reference to his involvement in the Malcolm Jones case.
Attorney Varun Debideen says he is not accepting that he acted unprofessionally in this matter.

Mr Jones wins, but T&T loses

Trinidad Express Newspapers: Editorial | Mr Jones wins, but T&T loses
IF not Malcolm Jones, then who? This question remains unanswered as citizens swallow hard the reality that State-owned Petrotrin was taken for a $1.2 billion ride by foreign smartmen—and nobody minding the store at Pointe-a-Pierre is to blame.
The foreigners, who suckered the energy jewel in the State enterprise crown, have been curiously described as “white Nigerians”.

OWTU in protest outside Jones’ home

The union took umbrage at Jones’ response to the state’s decision to drop a US$109 million case against him for the construction of Petrotrin’s failed $2.7 billion Gas to Liquids plant.
“I did absolutely nothing wrong. It was in the best interest of the company, Petrotrin and the country. But if I had to, I would do it all over again,” Jones said to the GML Enterprise Desk last week.

Petrotrin chairman: I was not involved *
Dropping of lawsuit against Malcolm Jones...
Petrotrin chairman Andrew Jupiter did not participate in the decision of the Petrotrin board to drop the US$109 lawsuit against Malcolm Jones who had been sued for breach of fiduciary duty in relation to the multi billion dollar Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) plant.
Under questioning from UNC Senator Wade Mark, Jupiter told the Joint Select Committee (JSC) on State Enterprises yesterday he recused himself when this matter came before the Petrotrin board.
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PostSubject: Re: EDITORIAL / NEWS AGAINST ROWLEY    Wed Jun 22, 2016 4:34 pm

Ministers muzzled, Govt gets poor grade

The government’s performance since assuming office on September 7, 2015, has been evaluated as “poor” by one political analyst.
Indera Sagewan-Alli said it was now six months post the general election and there was a sense the country is on auto-pilot, floating along without a sense of direction or destination. Tomorrow, the Government, led by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, marks its six-month milestone in office. Rowley and his Cabinet have been in Tobago on a retreat since last week.

Six months squandered
IN this unrelenting dry season, it is the political aridity that is profoundly disturbing.
For, while the rains will eventually come, our economic and social woes will not end any time soon.
We need corrective action.
But after six months of this new administration we have no idea how they intend to tackle the many challenges facing this society. Six precious months wasted as the country slides into chaos!
We will regret this.

Is Rowley serious?
During his times in opposition, Patrick Manning engaged in profound planning and policy formulation, so that on the two occasions when he returned the PNM to power, his were busy administrations, moving with certainty from the very start. Mr Manning delivered because he prepared. And he was an extremely hard worker, serious about his job. With the country in recession, he would certainly not have spent four days attending a wedding and golfing in Barbados, and five more days to attend more nuptials in Miami. All in one month! Mr Manning, as prime minister, would have been hard at work, leading the country.

Rowley heads the hunt
They feel exposed by his graphic presentation on the nation's foreign exchange usage so they are going after Jwala Rambarran.
I refer to the 'parasitic oligarchy', a term coined by Lloyd Best and popularised by Basdeo Panday to describe a small group, made up of all ethnicities, that extracts immense wealth from the economy.
Trevor Sudama, has said the oligarchy enjoys "a monopolistic position in different sectors of the economy and sustains itself through a symbiotic relationship with the higher echelons and key decision makers of the government. Its solidarity is based on commonality of role, circumstances and interests. As a result the 'parasitic oligarchy' is able to exploit the society and extract from it substantially more than it contributes."

Ralph Maraj: PM must explain his decision
Political Commentator Ralph Maraj says Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley must explain why he added a second portfolio to Foreign Affairs Minister Dennis Moses. Speaking on the Morning Edition programme today,

The news came by a release sent yesterday from the Office of the Prime Minister.

The release said Moses will assist the Minister of National Security in the performance of such duties as the minister may specify from time to time, in addition to his responsibility as the Minister of Foreign and Caricom Affairs.”

Rowley shuffles MPs

She’s out. Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday fired Marlene McDonald from the post of Minister of Housing and Urban Development, revoking her appointment and making several other shifts within his Cabinet at the same time.
These include increasing the portfolios of Ministers Maxie Cuffie and Stuart Young.

(2014) PNM anti-crime plan the answer—Rowley

People’s National Movement (PNM) leader Dr Keith Rowley is promising the party’s new anti-crime plan, which is almost complete, will bring relief from the crime scourge. Addressing supporters at the Couva Chamber of Commerce building on Tuesday night, Rowley lamented that 63 people had been murdered in six weeks. “It is clear that the government, which came into office to bring us relief on the crime front,” he said, “has tried a number of vaps and vie-ki-vie and has failed miserably.”

T&T PM says crime now a national crisis
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) — Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has described the crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago as a “national crisis,” and has vowed that his Administration will seek to enact legislation to deal with criminal activities with or without the support of the Opposition.

National Security Minister says plans afoot to deal with escalating crime situation.
The murder toll continues to climb in Trinidad and Tobago with criminals seeming to show that they have no respect for the law.
Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley even lamented the high crime rate upon his return from a tri nation visit recently.
Many have called for the Government to do what was necessary to arrest the crime situation in T&T as soon as possible.
Rowley: No crime switch
By SEAN DOUGLAS Monday, May 16 2016
PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley has condemned the murders plaguing this nation and lamented that there exists no switch by which to turn it off. He spoke to reporters late Saturday night at the VIP Lounge at Piarco Airport upon his return from a 12- day foreign visit. Within the past three days, from Friday last to yesterday, 12 murders were committed in the country with 179 in total for the year.
“This level of unacceptable violent crime has been with us for quite some time,” a sombre Rowley surmised as he sat at the press conference. He recalled the Government had focused on tackling violent crime in a variety of ways, namely by trying to curb the drug trade, firearms availability and gang activities. “But the general behaviour and lack of respect for human life in Trinidad and Tobago have come down now to the level where one is beginning to question general conduct,” he lamented.,227860.html

Knead flour, peel cassava, eat farine
By SEAN DOUGLAS Friday, January 15 2016
HOUSEWIVES must learn to knead flour and to peel cassava, urged Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, addressing the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Annual Dinner at the Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port-of- Spain, on Wednesday, days after Parliament agreed to impose value-added tax on “non-essential” food items.
He urged the female members of the audience, to shift from using self-raising flour - which incurs VAT - to ordinary flour VAT-free flour which they should now be unafraid to knead. “Ladies, why do you want self-raising flour? Put your hand in the flour!”.,222604.html

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