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2004 Financial Assistance
- Local

Sampson Lionel, School of Accounting & Management, St Augustine - BA Hons Human Resource Management (Year II) - $11,500.

Santiago Shelley, University of the West Indies, Trinidad - MPhil in Gender and Development Studies - $18,000.

Shallow Al, University of the West Indies, Trinidad - Certificate in Music (Pan) Fulltime - $12,000.

Smith Joan, University of the West Indies, Trinidad - BSc Economics (Year II) - $18,000.

Sookram Omadath - School of Accounting and Management,
St Augustine - $9,000.

Spence Jerome, University of the West Indies, Trinidad - BA History-$12,000.

Spence Richard, University of the West Indies, Trinidad-MBBS (Year IV)-$6,000.

Stanley Kieren, University of London-LLB (External Degree)-$15,000.

Thomas Kensa, University of the West Indies, Trinidad-Certificate in Music (Pan) Part-time-$9,395.

Thomas Sydney, University of the West Indies, Trinidad-Certificate in Music (Pan) part-time - $9,915.

Thompson Danielle, University of the West Indies, Trinidad-BSc Hotel Management-$9,900.

Trim Shelley, University of the West Indies, Trinidad-BSc Management Studies (Year I)-$3,200.

Vergil Brennon, University of the West Indies, Trinidad-BA Musical Arts (Year I) Part-time-$8,000.

Waldron Dexter, Caribbean Union College, St Joseph-Degree in Elementary Education with Minor in Info Tech-$10,000.

Warner Greig Kendall, University of the West Indies, Trinidad-BSc Sports Management (Year II)-$18,000.

Williams Cheryl, University of the West Indies, Trinidad-BSc Social Work (Year II)-$8,500.

Williams Lucius, T&T Hospitality & Tourism, Chaguaramas-Associate Degree in Culinary Management-$15,000.

Williams Robert, Caribbean Union College, St. Joseph-BSc Biology-$25,000.

Yearwood Marilyn, Springfield College, c/o Grace Talma & Associates-Executive Master Programme-$31,500.

George Kandie, St George’s University, USA-3rd year Pre-med-$34,221.60.

Ghent Anica, University of the West Indies, Barbados-LLB Law -$37,800.

Des Anges Danielle, Barry University, USa-BSc Industrial Psychology- $18,900.

Edwards Jeanette, George Brown College, Canada-Adv Diploma in Graphic Design-$24,250.

Edwards Michelle, Masters Degree in Local Work-$31,500.00

Feracho Colette, George Brown College, Canada-Certificate in Deaf Studies-$24,250.

Fletcher Sherry, Kean University, USA-Masters in Public Health Administration- $31,500.

Francis Christal, University Of Toronto, Canada-B.SC. International Relations and Psychology (Year III)- $77,042.25

Garcia Giovanna, Miami Dade Community College, USA-Associate Degree in Computer Animation-$50,400.

Garcia Jennine-Northumbria University, UK- Masters of International Business-$59,250.

Girdharrie Natalia, University of Francois, France-BA in English and Spanish-$39,050.

Grant Alicia, L.A.E. De Bretagne Occidentale, France-Masters in Management-$59,250.

Hargreaves Paul, Monroe College, USA-BBA Criminal Justice-$31,500.

Hercules-Parke Natalie, St Francis College, USA-BA Political Science-$31,500.

Hernandez Genelle, Lynn University, Florida-BSc International Communications-$50,400.

Holder Allyson, Lynn University, Florida- B.Sc. International Communications-$50,400.

Hosein Anthony, University Of London, England-LLB-$35,550.

Hughes Candace, Pacific Lutheran University- B.A. Theatre Arts And Geography/Biology-$87,444.

Hunte Dana, BPP Law School, London-BBA Law-$71,100.

Inniss Kimila, Birbeck University of London-M.SC. Financial Engineering-$59,250.

Jackson Abeo, Dillard University, USA-BA Mass Communications-$31,500.

Jasper Mitchum, Webber International University-BSc Business Management-$63,000.

John Javon, Stillman College, USA- BA Music- $50,400.

John Luan Omega, University Of Luton, UK-Degree in Media Performance- $94,800.

Kistow Miguel, Arcadia University, USA-BSc Chemistry & Business-$53,550.

Kitson Stefan, Dowling College School of Aviation And Airway Science, USA-$63,000.

Lawrence Dena,
St George’s University, Grenada- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine-$31,500.

Le Gendre Afton, Renness 2 University, France-BSc in International Business & Foreign Languages-$39,050.

Letren Richard, Jamestown Community College, USA-BSc Computer Information-$47,250.

Lezama Laurel, University of Westminister, London-LLB Law and Politics-$154,050.

Lyons Carlon, Florida Memorial College, USA- BA Music- $63,000.

Mark Rodney, Santa Barbara City College USA- Assoc. Degree In Marine Technology-$94,500.

Mc Alister Naghika, University Of Keele- International Relations-$106,650,00

Millette Renelle, Federal University Of Rio, Brazil- B.A. Linguistics-$18,900.

Mitchell RheveIle, Florida Memorial College, USA-BA FamilyPsychology/ Human Relations (Year III)-$63,000.

Moore Michelle, State University Of New York-B.Sc In Child Family Services (Year III)-$75,600.

Morren Keith, Florida Memorial College, USA-B.Sc Aeronautical Science/Computer Science-$94,374.

Ovid Therese. Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA-MBA-$37,800.

Payne Anecia, USA Pennsylvania State University- M.Sc. Electrical Engineering-$31,500.

Peru Jason, Johnson & Wales University, USA-BSc Culinary Management-$50,400.

Phillips Kizzy Patrice, The American Musical And Dramatic Academy, USA-Performance Theatre-$63,000.

Ralph Simone, Savannah College Of Art And Design, USA- BA Fine Art-$77,175.

Ramcharan David, Long Island University, USA-BSc. Marine Biology-$157,500.

Ramlogan Krystian Kevin, Howard University, Washington DC-Undergrad Degree in Film & Video Production-$31,500.

Ramserran Rosanne, University of Albany, USA-BSc Management-$63,000.

Roberts Queweina, Florida Memorial College, USA- BA Hospitality Management-$126,000.

Salvatori Christian, Colombia Business School, USA-MBA-$31,500.

Sandy Learie, Grand Valley State University, USA- BSc Physical Education-$31,500.

Sealey Andre, Howard University, Washington, DC- BA mathematics (Year III)-$31,500.

Sealey Keron, Florida Memorial College, USA-BSc Psychology (Final Year)-$31,500.

Yearwood Stacia, American University, Washington, USA-BSc Environmental Science-$63,000.

Mottley Kathy Ann, Eugene Dupuch Law School, Nassau-Legal Education Certificate (Year II)-$63,000.

Myers Marvin, Florida Institute of Technology, USA-BSc Electrical Engineering-$94,500.

Narcis Dwane, Borough of Manhattan Community College, USA- Assoc Degree in Business Management & Finance-$63,000.

Newel-Lewis Rain, University of Westminister, London-MSc International Business Economics-$104,102.25

Oliviel Anisa, University of Bradford-BA Politics and Law-$106,650.

Omotola Ameniki, Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA-BA Child Psychology (Year III)-$63,000.

St Louis Roxanne, New York City Technology College, USA- Fashion Marketing-$50,400.

Timothy Keiron, St Leo’s University, USA- University-BSc Sports Management & Psychology-$126,000.

Wells Alison, University Of Massachusetts, USA- Masters In Fine Art-$31,500.

Williams Curtis, Howard University, Washington, DC-Undergraduate, Medicine -$63,000.

Williams Giselle, St Francis College, USA-BA Marketing & Advertising-$35,280.

Wilson Rene, Spelman College, USA-Degree in Industrial Psychology-$31,500.

Wiltshire Karen, Spelman College, USA-BSc Psychology-$50,400.

2005 financial assistance
(studies) - Foreign

Byron Tennisha, Kingston University, UK- BSc Applied And Environmental Geology $60,000.

Cariah Kiel, Morgan State University, USA- BA Theatre Arts-$25,200.

Charles Andre, Saint Louis University, Spain-BA Business Management \Spanish-$61,548.56

Charles Asha, London School Of Commerce, London-MA International Business Administration-$24,885.

Charles Jernine, Monroe College, USA-BBA Management-$63,000.

Charles Lois, South Bank University, United Kingdom BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance-$72,000.

Charles Makyba, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, USA-BSc Arts & Sciences-$31,500.

Charles Melissa, University Of Tours, Ledex-BA English And Spanish Communication-$15,800.

Christian Rene,
St John’s University, USA-BSc Computer Science-$103,351.50

Clarke Christine, Howard University, USA-BA History and English-$10,080.

Clarke Julius, Florida Memorial College, USA- International Mission On Diplomacy- $30,233.70

Clarke Krista, Florida International University, USA- Bain Mass Communications/ Public Relations-$31,500.

Clyne Marissa, University Of Wisconsin, USA-BSc Marine Biology-$83,160.

Coker Liselle, Howard University, USA-BSc. Architecture-$25,200.

Collins Fabian, Nova Southeastern University, USA- BSc. Osteopathic Medicine-$63,000.

Collins Kevla, Miami Dade College, USA-Associate In Arts Degree-$23,473.80

Cooper Geoff K, Monroe College, USA- BBa Business Management-$50,400.

Corrian Lester, Dowling College, USA-BSc. Aeronautics And Mathematics-$15,750.

Coutain Candace, Florida International University, USA-BSc Statistics-$31,500.

Craigwell Kwasi, St John’s University, USA-BSc Actuarial Science-$51,660.

Daniel Kerri Alycia, Savannah College Of Art & Design, USA-B.A. Fine Arts-$50,400.

David Jamillah, Imperial College London-BSc & MSc Chemical Engineering-$36,000.

De Las, Christian, Howard University, USA-BBa Management-$37,800.

De Leon Paige, University Of Westminster, France-MA International Diplomacy-$173,640.

De Silva Safiya, Georgia Perimeter College, USA- Associate Degree In Fine Arts $63,000.

Dillon Joel, St John’s University, USA-Bsc. Biology-$94,500.

Dopwell Natalia, Mannes College Of Music, USA-Undergraduate Diploma In Performance-$175,379.40

Douglas Natalie, Plattsburgh State University, USA-BSc Accounting-$63,000.

Dowlat Petal, Monroe College, USA- BSc Computer Information Systems-$47,250.

Edwards Mandisa, Florida Memorial College, USA-BSc Biology-$69,993.

Feracho Colette, George Brown College, Canada-Certificate in Deaf Studies-$32,400.

Ferdinand Alva Oletia, Michigan State University, USa- Doctor of Jurisprudence-$36,187.20

Ford Tricia, Roehampton University, London-BSc Zoology-$101,676.

Forde Elizabeth, Florida International. University, USA- BSc. Mathematics & Science-$28,980.

Fortune Kevin, Pacific Lutheran University, USA-BSc Psychology- $91,488.60

Fortune Kevin, Francis Keon, Ottley Kareen, Pacific Luterhan University, USA-Certificate Course in Caribbean Culture and Society-$86,429.70

Francis Anton, Florida Memorial College, USA-MA International Business Administration- $12,600.

Francis Christal, University of Toronto, Canada-BA International Relations & Psychology-$86,400.

Francis Jason, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York-BA International Criminal Justice-$63,000.

Francis Theon, Lincoln University, USA-BSc Biology-$43,218.

Frank Vanessa, University of the West Indies, Bahamas-BSc Hotel Management-$31,500.

Fraser Fana, Fordham University, USA, BFA Dance-$63,000.

Frederick Keron, Rust College, USA-Premed-$28,772.73

Garcia Giovanna, Miami Dade Community College, USA-Associate Degree in Computer Animation-$50,400.

Garcia Kern, The City University of New York-BSC Mechanical Engineering-$31,500.

Garcia Natalia, Florida Memorial College, USA-BA Music Education-$63,000.

Gift Kizzy, University of Miami, USA-BA Fine Arts-$31,500.

Girdharrie Natalia, University of Francois, France-BA in English and Spanish-$39,500.

Gormondy Mia, Northern Illinois University, USA-BSc Music-$40,950.

Greaves Denecia, Saint Francis University, USA-BSc Marine Biology-$84,168.

Greene Christal, Temple University, USA-BSc Architecture-$126,000.

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