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PostSubject: Oropuche West - Hon. Stacy Roopnarine    Oropuche West - Hon. Stacy Roopnarine I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 29, 2013 11:50 am

A. Road Works and Drainage Achievements:

1. Paving and drainage on the following roads:
- Suchit Trace
- Debe Trace
- Raju Trace
- Seepersad Trace
- SS Erin Main Rd (Debe to Charlo junction)
- SS Erin Main Rd (Siparia up to Bayanie Street)
- Gopie Trace
- Tulsa Trace
- Ramcharan Trace
- Tenant Trace
- Penal Quinam Rd
- Ragoonanan Tr
- Antilles Tr
- Pluck Rd Main Rd to La Fortune – 8km
- Deosaran Tr
- Banwarie Tr
- Doorbassa Tr
- Pond St
- 700 ft Roadways Paved Hermitage Settlement 2 Phase 1
- 500 ft Roadways Paved Kalloo Street
- 500 ft Roadways Paved Windsor Street Phase 1
- 1200 ft Roadway Paved Windsor Street Phase 2

2. Box drain on the following roads:
- 100 ft box drain Ramjitsingh Drive
- 100 ft box drain Jones Street
- 50 ft box drain on both side of street Rahaman Development
- 100 ft Beach Avenue
- 250 ft box drain Hermitage Settlement (Phase 4)
- 200 ft box drain Rosetta Street
- 100 ft box drain Herbert Street Jones Development
- 100 ft box drain Rosetta Street (Phase 1)
- 100 ft box drain Rosetta Street (Phase 2)
- 300 ft box drain Rosetta Street (Phase 3)
- 100 ft box drain Dumfries Road (Phase 1)
- 100 ft box drain Dumfries Road (Phase 2)
- 100 ft box drain Dumfries Road (Phase 3)
- 50 ft box drain Hermitage Settlement (Phase1)
- 50 ft box drain Hermitage Settlement (Phase2)
- 300 ft box drain Jones Development (Phase4)
- 100 ft box drain Pond Street (Phase 1)
- 300 ft box drain Pond Street (Phase 2)
- 75 ft box drain Pond Street (Phase 3)
- 100ft Victoria Street, Jones Development (Phase 4)

3. Curb and Slipper on the following roads:
- 300 ft curb and slipper Beach Avenue (Phase 1)
- 300 ft curb and slipper Beach Avenue (Phase 2)
- 800 ft curb and slipper Hermitage Settlement (Phase2)
- 50 ft curb and slipper Nector Court Block 7
- 50 ft Mahagony Groove Block 2 Palmiste

4. Box Culvert on the following roads:

- Box culvert at the intersection of Beach Avenue and Pond Street
- Box culvert at the corner of Windsor Street and Victoria Street
- Box culvert at the intsection of Dumfries and Beach Avenue
- Box culvert London Street (Phase2)
- Box culvert Jones Street, Jones Development
5. Retaining Walls for landslips
- Alvarado Ave
- Jacksingh St
- Woodland Main Rd
- Tenant Tr
- Maria David Tr

6. Cleaning of Rivers:
- Duck Pond
- Hangman Bridge River
- Drudge River
- Black Water Channel
- Coora Channel
- St. Louis Channel
- New Cut Channel
- Channel in Jokhan Tr
- Tennant Channel
- Tributary to Trinidad River
- Trinidad River
- Oropouche River
- Bhagmania River
- Teemull Channel

7. Bridges Repaired/Reconstructed:
- 2 Bridges repaired at Lowkie Trace
- 2 Bridges repaired at Quniam Road Penal
- Ramjattan Tr Bridge
- Seepersad Trace (Bailey Bridge) – This was a footpath since 1960s

8. New Pavements:
- Timital to San Francique Presbyterian School
- along Woodland Main Road including Community Center and Woodland Primary School
- Ramjohn Tr Penal in vicinity of Dyanand Memorial Vedic School, Penal
- SS Erin Main Rd in Penal/Debe

9. Major drainage projects:
- Sukal Trace
- Bachu Tr
- Birbal Tr
- Centeno Tr
- Major drainage project in Gail Street, Maude St, George St and others in La Romain
- Baig St

10. Road humps:
- Pluck Rd Main Rd
- Suchit Tr
- Gopie Tr
- Railway Line Rd
- Tulsa Tr
- Raju Tr
- Ragoonanan Tr

11. Cemetery Upgrade
- Cemetery Upgrade Rambert Phase 1/installation of Public Convenience

B. Ministry of Education Achievement
- Construction of a news School – Tulsa Trace Hindu School – this school was closed sonce 2008 as it collapsed
- Relocation of an ECCE Center due to flooding in Gopie Trace, Penal.
- Distribution of Stationary items to approximately 400 SEA students across 11 Primary schools in Oropouche West each in 2011 and 2012.
- Cricket bats distributed to 5 schools
- Paving of Penal Gov't Primary School roadway and Dayanand Memorial Vedic School yard.
- Distribution of toys to 6 schools for Christmas

1. Illumination of Recreation Grounds:
- Antilles Recreation Ground
- Sunrees Recreation Ground
- Evergreen Recreation Grounds
- Upgrade of lighting at Woodland grounds

2. Installation of New Electricity Poles: (30)
- Tulsa Tr
- Lowkie Trace and Station 10
- Santa Cecelia Tr
- Kanhailal Tr
- Baig St
- Tennant Tr
-Temple St
- Church St

3. Installation of New Street Lights in the following areas: (80)
- Tulsa Tr Picnic Site
- Tulsa Tr
- Gopie Tr
- Ragoonanan Tr
- Spur Tr
- Suchit Tr and Suchit Branch Tr
- Lowkie Tr
- Reyes Tr in Syne Village
- Rahamut Tr
-Alta Garcia Tr
- Antilles Tr
- Doorbassa Tr
- Chickoree Tr
-Santa Cecelia Tr
- Kanhailal Tr
-Pluck Rd
- Tennant Tr
- Temple St
- Bernard St

D. WASA Projects
Installation of New Water Mains: (10)
- Mathura Avenue and Lowkie Tr
- -Banwarie Tr and Banwarie Branch Tr (1225m, 25 houses)
- Antilles Tr (750m, 13 houses)
- Akaloo Tr (350m, 18 houses)
- Santa Cecelia Tr (100m)
- Baig Tr (200m, 6 houses)
- New Village Extension (15 houses)
- Temple St (700m, 60 houses)
- De Verteuil St (130m)

E. Community Development and Outreach Projects
- Upgrade to Woodland Community Centre (never received upgrade from the Government in 15 years)
- Ongoing Refurbishments to Hermitage Community Centre
- Opening of NIDCO and NESC office and OJT Offices in Debe
- Lauch of YTEPP at Woodland Community Center – for the first time
- PCA hosted together with MP a consultation at SANSEC

F. Sports

Jogging tracks installed at:
- Bakal Recreation Ground
- Antilles Recreation Ground
- Woodland Recreation Ground
- Evergreen Recreation Ground
- La Fortune Recreation Ground

2. Refurbishment of Cricket Nets:
- Doorbassa Recreation Ground
- Woodland Recreation Ground

3. Construction of Play Parks:
- Bakal Ground
- Evergreen Ground

4. SPORTT camps held for the first time in 2012 at:
5. Construction of Stands for pavilion in Altargarcia Trace Grounds.
6. Resurface of the hard ball court at Bakal Ground
7. Box drains on the perimeter of the Woodland Ground

G. National Commission For Self Help

1. Community Infrastructural Development Programme -10 communities:
- Syne Tr
- Suchit Tr Gardens
- RamcharanTrace and Tulsa Trace
-Ghandi Village
- Corner Banwarie and Gayah Tr
- Bhimull Tr
- Jokhan Tr
- Bheemul Tr Mosque

2. Minor Repairs and Reconstruction Grant ($10,000 Grant)-50 persons received grants.

H. Ministry Of People And Social Development 1. Direct Impact was hosted in Woodland on February 5th 2011 by the Ministry of the People and Social Development 2. Wheelchairs- A total of fifteen (15) wheelchairs distributed to constituents.3. Permanent Food Card- Thirty (30) persons within the Constituency received Permanent Food Cards4. Temporary Food Card- A total of one hundred and sixty two (162) cards were given out5. Social Welfare Grants- 15 grants given to constituents.

I. Health Achievements:
Total number of persons that got assistance with surgeries through the office: 10
Total number of persons that obtain funding for surgeries: 2.
Oropouche West successfully hosted Medical Clinic and Health Fair in 2011

J. Ministry of Housing, Land and Marine Affairs HDC- 24 constituents received keys.HIG- 12 constituents benefited from the grant.

K. Ministry of Food Production
1. Agricultural Access roads – Rahamut and Birbal Trace and other roads off the Pluck Rd in Woodland to provide access to farmers lands2. Consultation and tour of the constituency with farmers done with the Minister of Agriculture in 2012

L. Events Hosted by MP annually
Eid functions hosted at Woodland Jamaat and San Francique Jamaat
Annual Divali celebration hosted
Annual Toy Drive throughout the constituency of Oropouche West hosted by MP
Annual Christmas Hampers distributed to 200 families yearly
Annual Mothers Day and Fathers Day Events
Annual Indian Arrival Celebration Hosted
MP Opened a sub office in Woodland
MP launched Project Touch in Jan 2011 to bring the services of the MP Office closer to the people
Clean and Beautify of Oropouche West
MP attends annual Shiv Raatri celebrations, Ganesh Utsav celebrations, Divali celebrations, tours mosques for EID, Phagwa celebrations, Ram Leela celebrations, Emancipation celebrations, Christmas Celebrations.

These achievements coupled with her ongoing Project Touch is a recipe for A-class Representation. After speaking with some of my friends and relatives who reside in the constituency of Oropuche West, it is clear that the people are very satisfied with her representation and she has transformed Oropuche West into a Model Constituency.
Keep up the Fantastic Job MP Stacy Roopnarine!

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