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 Coup-makers get served

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PostSubject: Coup-makers get served   Coup-makers get served I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2012 2:31 pm

JAMAL SHABAZZ, the head coach of this country's national Under-20 women's football team, is one of over 50 coup-makers who have been served with legal notices as the State moves to recover a multi-million dollar debt owed by the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen.
Fifty-seven out of the 114 Jamaat members who participated in the 1990 attempted coup were served with a statement of claim, Chief State Solicitor Christophe Grant said in an affidavit filed at the High Court on February 6, 2006.

The State is seeking to recover over $42 million from the Jamaat for damages to the Police Service Headquarters at the corner of Sackville and St Vincent Streets in Port of Spain during the 1990 attempted coup.

On Tuesday, the State made its first attempt at recovering the outstanding millions with a public auction of eight properties belonging to Jamaat leader Imam Yasin Abu Bakr and one property owned by his second in command Kala Aki Bua. The State recovered $5.2 million from the auction held at the City Hall in Port of Spain.

The State now intends to go after the properties of the 55 other coup-makers, who have already been served, Special Prosecutor Dana Seetahal said on Wednesday.
However, Shabazz said yesterday he is leaving the entire situation in God's hands.
"Ms Dana Seetahal could have her say in her courts and almighty God will have his say in his court. And in the end we will see which power is more powerful than God," Shabazz said.

The Jamaat was awarded $2.1 million for the State's destruction of their (Jamaat) buildings at Mucurapo Road during the attempted coup. An interim payment of $1.5 million was initially received by the Jamaat and in 2002 then Attorney-General Glenda Morean authorised another payment of $625,000 to the Jamaat, paying off the debt, after Abu Bakr demanded the money.

Following are the names of the 57 Muslimeen members who were served with legal notices by the State:

Lennox Phillip - otherwise called Yasin Abu Bakr
Earl Wiltshire - otherwise called Salim Abdullah Muwakil
Lance Small - otherwise called Olive Enyahooma-El
Andy Thomas - otherwise called Abullah Omowale
Edward Bosland - otherwise called Kibwe Atiba
Hyron Best - otherwise called Jamal M. Shabazz
Sadiq Al Razi
Andrew Bynoe
Abdool Assim Khan
Horace Phillip - otherwise called Hamza Razzack
Reginald Harley - otherwise called Yaish Abdul Wahid
Beville Marshall - otherwise called Hassan Anyabwile
Cyril Rivers - otherwise called Jomo Abdul Aziz
Derrick Joseph - otherwise called Abdeen W. Muhammad
Nazeer Khan
Trevor George - otherwise called Sakin Abdul Wahab
Mikey Neptune
Colin Nelson - otherwise called Rakim Kareem
Oliverio Nicholas
Bernard Blache
Lorris Ballack
Gaston Wiltshire
Curtis Prescott
Kenwyn Gaston - otherwise called Abass Abdullah
Anthony Smith - otherwise called Tasin Abu Ali
Selwyn Ellis - otherwise called Muhammed Abdul Wudud
Isam Ali Mayu
Jackie Conrad Keshwah - otherwise called Raymond Francis
Clarance Missette
Ronald Melville
Jerry Alleyne
John Berry Long
Sheldon Marshall - otherwise called Arshad
Valmon Phillip - otherwise called Ahmad Abdulla
Patrick Simmons
Cleto Nicholas
Winston Nickey - otherwise called Aadul Khali
Ishmael Ali
Clyde Thomas - otherwise called Ishmael Yusuf
Aldwyn Lynch - otherwise called Hakim Jamat
Deangelo Garcia
Nigel Braxton
Rasheed Latiff
Trevor Constantine - otherwise called Kala Aki Bua
Carlyle David - otherwise called Abdul Radheed
Abu Sulieman
Kenyon Bissessar - otherwise called Umar Bin Malik
Abasi Jawad
Henley Tyson - otherwise called Ahsar Abdal Karim
Arman Abdul Samad
Roy Ottley - otherwise called Isa Nantanbu or Esa Mohammed
Nigel Pemberton - otherwise called Zaki Aubida
Khalique Khan
Martin Williams - otherwise called Basil Muhammed
Farouk Abdool
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Coup-makers get served
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