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 Corruption Allegations against the PNM 2002-2010

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PostSubject: Corruption Allegations against the PNM 2002-2010   Corruption Allegations against the PNM 2002-2010 I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2012 5:31 pm

1. Nepotism, Patrick Manning making his wife Hazel Manning a Minister

2. Planting Missiles and Cocaine in MP Sadiq Baksh Water Tank

3. Granting Brian Manning a Gun License in 24 hours and disregarding all rules and procedures

4. Giving Brian Manning $9 million for a basketball competition ……(Has it start yet?)

5. The scandal and embarrassment of the $2 million legacy flag

6. $50 million dollars Boat that never Float

7. $45 million secret skullarship fund

8. John Rahael as Minister of Agriculture lease a house and parcel of land belonging to Caroni 1975 Ltd. To his sister

9. John Rahael as Minister of Health give his sons the contract to provide drugs for the CDAP programme

10. Penelope Beckles father got CEPEP contracts while she was an MP

11. Barry Sinanan law firm get government briefs while he was speaker of the house

12. Patrick Manning rented a house from Lenny Saith brother for $38,000 per month while the Palace was building

13. Jerry Narace Company got the contract to provide insurance for T&TEC

14. Kerwyn Garcia, husband of Christine Kangaloo, gets $530,000.brief from government

15. PNM Chairman Franklyn Khan wife get a $60 million contract days before the 2010 election

16. $5 million worth of materials from the Tobago Hospital went to develop Dr. Keith Rowley wife private project

17. Robinson-Regis husband $50,000 per month job at WASA

18. Tobago Hospital going from $136 million to over $800 million in overrun

19. Tarouba Stadium going from $275 million to over $1 billion in overrun

20. Patrick Manning call to the Marabella Police Station demanding his driver be released

21. Cocaine found in diplomatic pouch

22. Patrick Manning $240 million Palace with $3 million drapes

23. Calder Hart$368 million contract to his brother-in-law

24. $2 billion summit of no return

25. Camille Robinson-Regis credit card scandal

26. Maco Manning SIA spying on law abiding citizen

27. $650 million incomplete Legal Affairs Tower

28. $700 million incomplete Chancery Lane Complex

29. $500 million incomplete South Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA)

30. $576Million Rapid Rail feasibility study scandal

31. Dustbin Terrorist a.k.a Mr. Big still at large

32. Bombardier jet joyride

33. A condo for the Profitess/Prophetess at UTT

34. $30 million mystery Guanapo church

35. $30 Million Bamboo Networks Scandal

36. EMBD Chairman Uthara Rao using $400,000 of taxpayers’ money to pay for sexual harassment claims

37. Manning/Bakr Land Deal for Election support

38. Manning giving CJ Sat Sharma an ultimatum to “resign or else”

39. Former PNM Tresurer Andre Monteil Scandalous $110 million HMB Shares

40. T&TEC Street Lighting Scandal

41. $1.8 billion overrun on Waterfront Project

42. John Rahael connected to the Monos Island drug bust

43. Karen Nunez-Tesheira conflict of interest when she withdrew her monies from CLICO

44. Udecott Calder Hart scandal

45. Patrick Manning bolting into a Radio Station demanding 2 announcers be fired

46. Petrotrin $12 billion world GTL, Scandal

47. Making former murder accused David "Buffy" Millard coordinator of a $250 million NHA refurbishing project

48. Appointed Mark Guerra as national adviser to the URP

49. $50 Million Blimp that always Limp

50. $500,000 Skullarship grant to Louis Lee Sing daughter-in-law, Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing

51. Radio License for Louis Lee Sing in 24 hours

52. $55,000 bribery to the former occupants of the Guanapo Church Land

53. Cleaver Heights $10 million attempted fraud

54. Patrick Manning calling Tobago Police Station and ordering 4 Bajan fishermen be released

55. Discrimination against Feroza Ramjohn, Ganga Persad Kissoon and Harridath Mahara

56. Discrimination against the Maha Saba Radio License

57. Rushed to bailout their financier CLICO with billions of taxpayers money

58. “Female” Minister calling the Point Fortin Police Station demanding her son be released after he was caught in a drug bust with 2 Venezuelans

59. Calder Hart as NIB Chairman buying back the $110 million HMB Shares for $130 Million giving former PNM Tresurer Andre Monteil a $20 Million profit

60. $126 Million Broadgate Place Tower Scandal

61. Chaguanas Corporation Administrative Complex—$10 million over-budget and 24 months' delay;

62. Government campus, Legal Affairs Towers—$300 million over-budget

63. Ministry of Education Towers—$300 million over budget

64. NAPA (PoS)—$234 million over-budget

65. NAPA (San Fernando)—$238 million over-budget

66. Beverly Hills Housing—$106 million over-budget

67. Three questionable payments to Bouygues days before the Election, payments were made on May 14 ($3.6 million), May 14 ($10 million) and May 19 ($5 million)

68. Sunway Construction $300 million quarry contract Scandal

69. $100 million to fix shoddy work done EMBD with Water pipes and Electricity together

70. $150 Million to repair poorly constructed houses under Dr. Rowley watch

71. The closure of Caroni 1975 Ltd. And Destruction of Thousands of Lives who depended on Caroni to feed their family

72. Auditor-Generals Report stated $1.6 billion spent on CEPEP between 2002-2007 with lack of accountability

73. How was Landate reclassified from agricultural lands to lands for residential use and where the money came from to build that development project?

74. Tobago Financial Complex $81 million cost overrun

75. Tobago Library $80 million cost overrun

76. Patrick Manning use of a licence plate bearing the nation's Coat of Arms on the Prime Minister car.

A Careful check will show almost $25 Billion in Scandal under the PNM 2002-2010
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Corruption Allegations against the PNM 2002-2010
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