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PostSubject: UNC's OFFICIAL ELECTION RESULTS:   Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:50 am

Votes cast and winners

1.Deputy Political Leader
Marlene Coudray: 7,635 (Nationalists)
Surujrattan Rambachan: 8,117 (Nationalists)
Roodal Moonilal: 11,061 (Nationalists)
Fuad Khan: 5,328
Shavitta Lochan: 387 (Generation Next)
Afifah Mohammed: 408 (Generation Next)
James Mohammed: 342 (Generation Next)
Elizabeth Mohammed-Ali: 462 (UNC Soldiers)
Sunil Ramjitsingh: 755 (UNC Soldiers)
Natasha Navas: 390
Dougnath Rajkoomar: 111
Herbert Volney: 3,593
Winners: Roodal Moonilal Surujrattan Rambachan Marlene Coudray

2. Chairman
Mooniram Heru: 201
Ashvani Mahabir: 656
Jack Warner: 12,656
Winner: Jack A. Warner

3. Deputy Chairman
Khadijah Ameen: 8,311 (Nationalists)
Denise Carew: 453 (UNC Soldiers)
Lyndira Oudit: 3,654
Kavita Ramdeo-Dabiedeen: 644 (Generation Next)
Winner: Khadijah Ameen

4. Policy and Strategy Officer
Amarnath Jaggasar: 1,141
Collin Partap: 10,562 (Nationalists)
Ramish Ramanand: 429
Ravi Ramdenny: 603 (Generation Next)
Winner: Collin Partap

5. Education Officer
Errol Benjamin: 266
Glenda Boodram: 872 (UNC Soldiers)
Daphne Phillips: 9,957 (Nationalists)
Nalini Roopnarine: 1,263 (Generation Next)
Bob Soogrim: 363
Winner: Daphne Phillips

6. Research Officer
Nigel Mahabir: 1,037 (Generation Next)
Krishna Maharaj: 1,296
Arnold Ram: 9,604 (Nationalists)
Winner: Arnold Ram

7. Election Officer
Reynold Chinchamee: 214
Romeo Suresh Dassrath: 613 (Generation Next)
Raul Henry: 695 (UNC Soldiers)
Ramona Ramdial: 11,003 (Nationalists)
Winner: Ramona Ramdial

8. Treasurer
William Archie: 9,189 (Nationalists)
Neela Sooklal: 2,190 (Generation Next)
Winner: William Archie

9. Party Organiser
Sookram Ali: 820 (UNC Soldiers)
Indar Kamal: 358
Ramesh Karapan: 188
Hayman Moonian: 481 (Generation Next)
Chandresh Sharma: 10,722 (Nationalists)
Winner: Chandresh Sharma

10. International Relations Officer
Nadia Gebodh: 630
Shane Mohammed: 10,350 (Nationalists)
Venetta Rampersad: 1,146 (Generation Next)
Winner: Shane Mohammed

11. Regional RepresentativeTobago
Sean Dalipsingh: 874 (UNC Soldiers)
Manohar Singh: 1,276 (Generation Next)
Junior Barrington Thomas: 9,900 (Nationalists)
Winner: Junior Barrington Thomas

12. Regional Representative East
Stephan Bhagan:765
Peter Madeira: 730 (Generation Next)
Vernon Nandee:976 (UNC Soldiers)
Yvette Richards: 9,596 (Nationalists)
Winner: Yvette Richards

13. Regional Representative North
Patricia Herry:417
Geewan Ramdeen:1,193 (UNC Soldiers)
Gary G Simmons: 647 (Generation Next)
Don Sylvester: 9,725 (Nationalists)
Gail Worrell: 286
Winner: Don Sylvester

14. Regional Representative Central
Rajendra D Gosine: 640 (Generation Next)
Glenn Ramadharsingh: 11,040 (Nationalists)
Krishendath Sooknanan:692 (UNC Soldiers)
Winner: Glenn Ramadharsingh

15. Regional Representative South
Shanty Boodram:10,485 (Nationalists)
Kenneth Paulsingh:984 (UNC Soldiers)
Andrew Ramsaroop: 834 (Generation Next)
Winner: Shanty Boodram
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